Questions for Discussion about Care

1. What are my treatment options?

2. How successful are the treatments?

3. What are the cure rates? Risks versus benefits?

4. What are the details of the treatments?

5. Will I need more treatments later? Is there any way to prevent a recurrence?

6. What is the objective of the treatment? Will it cure the disease, slow the disease, or primarily add to level of comfort?

7. If treated, how will I know my progress each day? each month?

8. What if the treatments don't work? How can I tell they aren't working?

9. What clinical trials exist? Am I a candidate for a clinical trial? Why or why not?

10. What do you think the best option is?

11. Who can I talk to who has gone through this already?

12. Who will direct my care during this treatment? Are they Board certified specialists, residents, or interns?

13. If I am transferred to intensive care, who will direct my care?

14. Who will direct my care when the primary physician is not on call (nights, weekends, holidays, etc.)?

15. Does the hospital or clinic have staff (nurses, lab, social services, etc.) experienced in caring for my problem?

16. Is the hospital part of a National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center?

17. How will life and death issues be handled?

18. Do I need to do any special preparation prior to or during treatment?

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