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2014 Ovarian Cancer Survivors Course Boston MA, Saturday July 26, 2014

2013 State of the State of Gynecologic Cancers: Twelfth Annual Report to the Women of America.
  Published by The Foundation for Women's Cancer

Female Sexual Dysfunction: A Mind-Body Approach
Session at Ovarian Cancer National Alliance Conference

M.D. Anderson resource list on Female Sexual Dysfunction:

American Cancer Society excellent resource resource list
The information is up-to-date and written by experts on sexual health and cancer

Resource: Newsletter from OvaGene Oncology
Something to consider.

SGO Foundation Releases Survivorship Toolkit
SGO has developed a number of resources to help guide survivors on next steps after
treatment. The
Survivorship Toolkit can be used in conjunction with information
physicians already provide to patients as they complete treatment. These tools
include a treatment summary and survivorship care plans, a self-care, information cards
and a survivorship calendar. Read the full press release in the
SGO Newsroom

Know The Risk Factors of Ovarian Cancer?

Assisted Living Directory was started in 2005, and is a comprehensive directory
of assisted living facilities, including articles and original videos discussing how
assisted living is a an increasingly viable living alternative for those undergoing,
or recovering from cancer or treatment. Assisted Living Directory is a free resource
any licensed assisted living facility may include their facility information free of charge.

Fighting Ovarian Cancer Takes Strength.
Get the Support You Need with

COMMUNICATION with Your Physician/Care Giver-AND/OR-


Ovarian Cancer Postage Stamp Petition

You may be eligible to participate in an
Ovarian Cancer Symptom Management Study!

ACTION ALERT -Johanna's Law is now LAW

The ovarian cancer mural created to raise public awareness and hope.
It is the brainchild of the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation’s founders
-- Robin Cohen and Adriana D’Alessandro --

Guidance to women with respect to the ovarian cancer screening results from the
Prostate, Lung, Colon and Ovarian (PLCO) Trial.
Results from this trial reported at the
Society of Gynecologic Oncologists Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer.

NCCS Cancer Survivors Urged to Take Action for Better Health Care
IOM Report Confirms Lack of Follow-Up Care for Survivors

National Cancer Institute Announces Availability of New Easy to Read
Radiation Therapy Educational Resources

NCI Offers Support for Those in Need After Hurricane Katrina

Press Release OvaRex® MAb for Patients with Advanced Ovarian Cancer
May Extend Remission Following Favorable Surgery and Chemotherapy

Events & Opportunities You Won't Want To Miss!!!
New And Unusual Cancer Therapies Explained
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CONVERSATIONS! Fund for Ovarian Cancer Research
"10 Tips Series for Coping" by Jim Acee

Updated: Sunday, June 08, 2014 10:57:41 AM

Published by: CONVERSATIONS! The International Ovarian Cancer Connection

Eight to Twelve pages - About 8 Times a  Year.
Donations/Contributions are Tax Deductible
CONVERSATIONS! is a 501-(C)-3 Not for profit Corporation
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The Ovarian Cancer Resource List
Ovarian Cancer HOPE Pins
About Ovarian Cancer


Lifestyle Changes

The decision to adopt a specific life style change is a balancing act!

"Success is not how high you fly, it's how high you bounce!" ~Barbra Weiner of Minneapolis Women's Cancer Research Center Amazon Online Bookstore Barnes and Noble Online Bookstore

The  Oncolink site is filled with information specifically about Ovarian Cancer.
Survivors and other caring individuals, support one another on the Ovarian Problems Discussion List. This list is sponsored by the Association of Cancer Online Resources and relates to Ovarian Cancer, and related conditions including Ovarian Cysts.
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Like the newsletter, this site should reflect YOUR interests.

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WHAT TO DO when you hear about some new treatment option for ovarian cancer but catch only a fraction of the broadcast or only hear a rumor?? It is most frustrating to hear about a new break through, but not catch enough of the details to follow-up effectively. Here are some of my suggestions which might be useful. Depending on what you remember about the broadcast, it might be relatively simple. The most important phrases to remember are probably name of drug used (even if only phonetically), the researcher's location, the announcer's affiliation, etc. However, using one, or a combination of the ideas listed below, is bound to produce results:
  • Call the National Cancer Institute Hotline (NCI) 800-4CANCER, if it involves a clinical trial or large cancer center.
  • For the address or phone number of a GYN oncologist, call the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists at 800-225-3053 or search the Women's Cancer Network web site.
  • Call the GYN oncology office of the cancer centers which were mentioned.
  • Check the News section of the Women's Cancer Network web site.
  • Ask your friends to look in all editions of your newspapers as those worthy of TV coverage are frequently in the newspaper as well.
  • Call CenterWatch at 617-247-2327 or look at their web site.
  • Call CONVERSATIONS 210-401-1604 just in case they have also heard something. Then send a copy of anything you get in response to your investigations so that they might pass this along to other callers and the newsletter.



Cindy's Favorite NOTE:

Dear Friends,

I once saw a very profound Family Circle cartoon. The circle is split in half with identical pictures in each half: the small daughter holding a rose in her hand. In one half the daughter is frowning and says, Look at all the thorns! In the other, she is positively joyful and says, Look at the beautiful flower! The caption asks, Which one do you see?

So it is with our cancer experience. Yes, cancer is a crummy disease, but I am glad I have family and friends to help me deal with it. Yes, chemotherapy is rough, but I am glad we have drugs such as neupogen to help our bodies cope better. Yes, chemotherapy can cause nausea, but I am glad we have so many different medications to reduce or eliminate the nausea. Yes, surgery is rough, but I am glad surgery is possible and worth doing. Yes, it is disheartening when one chemotherapy drug stops working, but I am glad there are other drugs or treatments to try. Yes, cancer can make us feel isolated from our healthy friends, but I am glad we have found each other through this newsletter and can share tips to make our journey easier. Yes, going to see the doctor or to the hospital for treatment upsets our routines, but I am glad for the knowledge and skill of my health care providers. Yes, maintaining a port is sometimes difficult, but it sure beats getting stuck for each and every blood test and treatment. Yes, hair loss is discomforting, but I am glad for great looking wigs, hats, turbans, and friends who like bald heads. Yes, there are lots of negative events/emotions attached to our life because of cancer, but I am glad for all the good that has also come into my life.

With cancer it is very easy to focus on all the rotten things it brings. But in focusing on the rotten, we only see the rotten. Cindy Olson of SD said Oprah Winfrey suggested listeners keep a journal in which they wrote down 5 good things every day. After trying that, I found myself really living and her life much richer. Six years ago I began my daily thankful journal with similar results. I can tell when I stop because I tend to see things more negatively. Then or now, this journal doesn't change the facts, only the way I look at them.

What do you see .... the thorn ??? or the rose ??? Cindy (Written March 1998)

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